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(lorem ipsum)Learning financial management is neither easy nor cheap. It’s also hard to get objective financial information nowadays. In Beruang Cerdas online platform, you can enrich your financial knowledge from various topics which will help you in real life. Here, you can learn many topics from financial mindset, saving, investment, debt management, and insurance. All modules will be given through short and easy to understand-videos.

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(lorem ipsum)Watch our high quality financial videos. There are 5 topics you can learn about.

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Tonton video berkualitas mengenai finansial yang telah disediakan oleh Beruang Cerdas. Terdapat tiga topik berbeda yang sangat berkaitan dengan keseharian Anda.


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(lorem ipsum)Answer the short quiz at the end of every videos with the correct anwer.


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(lorem ipsum)You will get medals from every quiz you’ve completed. Watch the videos, complete the quiz, and get the medals!