(lorem ipsum)Never had enough salary?
Unsure about your future?

(lorem ipsum)You need to start preparing financially for your future.
However, having knowledge and willpower is not enough, we need support from friends and the right community!

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Beruang Cerdas mentoring program procedure

Program mentoring Beruang Cerdas berbasis komunitas dan kelompok kecil.
Jadi ajak temanmu untuk belajar bersama dalam satu kelompok

ajak dua teman

Form A Mentoring Group

(lorem ipsum)Invite your friends to join the mentoring program and register through the link below.

materi pelajaran lengkap

Weekly Lesson

(lorem ipsum)Set a specific time and location every week to meet and discuss the lesson. Make sure that your group can meet regularly every week.

bimbingan mentor

Complete Learning Resources

(lorem ipsum)Beruang Cerdas provides complete learning resources such as training videos, discussion materials, workbook, practical financial tips and Beruang Cerdas mobile app.

(lorem ipsum)What will you learn in this program?

(lorem ipsum)This program consists of 2 parts (RECLAIM and REBUILD). Besides learning good financial management concepts, you will also start doing practical things to improve your financial condition.



(lorem ipsum)Are your finances unhealthy? In this first part, you will learn many financial management principles that have been proven to improve your financial condition.



(lorem ipsum)In the second part you will be equipped with some practical steps to prepare your future and pursue your personal mission.

Fasilitas yang didapatkan

  1. Mendapatkan akses untuk menonton video modul pelajaran
  2. (lorem ipsum)Participants will receive a guide book (shipping excluded)
  3. (lorem ipsum)Participants will receive an e-certificate
Rp. 500.000

Here are the Frequently Asked Question

Making changes in our financial habit needs high discipline. Therefore, the most effective way to do so is to start doing it in a community with people you are already familiar with. Moreover, the group discussion will provide you with insights from others’ experience. Many people have benefit greatly by joining Beruang Cerdas financial mentoring program, watch their stories here.

TThe main difference is the mentor’s involvement in the group weekly meeting. In the Online Program, weekly meeting will be run independently and attended only by the group members. Beruang Cerdas mentor will give general instructions and will not actively involved in the group discussion. Meanwhile in the Hybrid Program, mentor will be actively involved in weekly group meeting (either by attending group meeting directly or by video call) and will guide and lead the group discussion process.

In the financial mentoring program, you will learn in a group that will help you achieve your financial goals. Every group will also be assisted by one Beruang Cerdas mentor throughout the program. Meanwhile, online class will help you deepen your knowledge on various financial topics by using interactive learning method.

Yes. We can only help you if you already have a mentoring group. You can show this website and our success story to inspire and get your family or friends to join this program too.